Our Lead Consultant

Chris Efthymiou leads Navinsure, which was a roll-up of the founding team of Health Insurance Geeks (HIG), as well as it’s great clients all over the U.S. Through the ongoing work with clients over a period of 9 years, today Navinsure is quickly becoming a force in the reference-based healthcare marketplace.

As an advisor our team works with employers of many shapes and sizes though we’ve found our services to be especially impactful with clients in the following areas – Skilled Nursing/Assisted Living Facilities, Technology Companies, Non-Profits. With our re-branding to Navinsure, our name is noteworthy as a portmanteau – a blending of two words to form one – Navigate/Nav along with Insurance/Insure. So we navigate employers to proper types of insurance in the Employee Benefits marketplace.

Our solutions normally incorporate our great, free benefits administration system that powers a cloud-based, HIPAA complaint, paperless enrollment, and management tool for staff and employers. We also partner with many third-party administrators specializing in various self-funded models to bend the cost-curve that traditional insurance companies are not incented to fix.

Chris EfthymiouCo-founder & Lead Consultant

Chris Efthymiou

Co-founder & Lead Consultant

I’ve been a leader over the past 23 years of various disruptive health insurance technology & brokerage companies. I was fortunate to have spent my early years at Oxford Health Plans in sales and account management and then served on the start-up teams at JPMorgan IBAS and HealthPlanOne. I’ve co-founded and served as an advisor to disruptive technology companies including Health Insurance Geeks, Maxwell Health, GoCo, Lively, Justworks, Foundershield, HireAthena, and Scalus.

My focus at Navinsure is teaching employers, and health insurance advisors how to think differently about health insurance. My greatest strength is problem-solving – one of the biggest cost problems facing U.S. employers is the rising cost of health insurance. The reason is quite simple, though government & politicians have focused on and attempted to solve the wrong problem – the demand for insurance. While important, insurance can’t become affordable unless we focus our efforts on the real problem – the cost of healthcare services. This includes hospital, pharmaceuticals and physicians services. With our solutions, the cost of insurance becomes quite affordable, stable, and predictable.

Over the last 50 plus years, the cost of hospital and pharmacy services alone has risen greater than 50,000%. Our model at Navinsure gives control back to employers, and removes their need to use the broken discount system created by some of the largest health insurance carriers in the U.S.