Are you providing these 3 things for your employees?

Bswift Benefits just released a study discussing how employers provisions for their workplace are helping their employees’ experience. Most of these items are relevant to what we’re doing here at Navinsure, which was neat to see. Give your employees the best options, the top three offerings according to bswift are as follows:

Employee Self-Service

Automation is the only way to go these days. For both ACA and IRS compliance paperwork and employee benefits, a self-service system is becoming a must-have. All the new initiatives in the insurance world are positive developments for the market and for employees but are challenging to execute well. They require flexible and nimble benefits technology to enable a streamlined and seamless user experience for both the employee and also the HR/benefits team.

Wellness Incentives

85% of successful employers are investing in wellness programs. Through activities like fitness challenges, the workplace gains excitement, a healthier lifestyle, and a reward for improving their health. Presenteeism and corporate culture depend on wellness programs for many Fortune 100 companies, and this benefit applies at all levels of business.

Defined Contributions With More Plan Choices

Nearly half of all employers have already either implemented or are considering using a private exchange before 2018. Employers are coming to value flexibility over a one-size-fits-all approach, which is crucial to understand in the changing landscape of health insurance. This is a slowly growing process, but a crucial one as employers are using more employee-centric and technologically aware options.

If you’re not accomplishing these three tasks, we can help. Otherwise, power to you, employers of the world.

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