Cause Of Death: Sugar

Sugar is everywhere, and boy is it good. Sweets have become a pal and a confidant for me, so reading from MyFitnessPal about some simple ways to cut down was a life-saver. Probably literally, it turns out.

Added sugars contribute to more than your weight. They send your liver into overdrive, leading the causes of many chronic and awful disorders from metabolic syndrome to fatty liver disease. Avoid a plethora of nasty issues with some of these tips that I wasn’t too aware of beforehand (read more here):

-Learn the label lingo: Added sugar likes to hide behind different nicknames. Look out for molasses, organic cane sugar, fruit juice concentrate, malt sugar, corn syrup, honey, syrup, and words ending in “ose” dextrose, lactose, maltose, fructose, glucose, sucrose.. You get the picture.

-Pump the protein: Replacing added sugars with proteins is better at keeping you awake and focused. If you consume a decent protein every 3 or 4 hours, you avoid the crash that sugar usually brings on.

-Healthy foods could be culprits too: Energy bars, salad dressings, even medication! The items we use to stave off cravings for sugar and other unhealthy foods might actually contain the very thing. We need to read our labels, which is a great reason to save money and eat at home.

-About to contradict myself a little bit here, but it is much better to go out for an ice cream sundae than it is to bring a whole carton into the house. Do not keep these tempting items laying around. Give them away or just get rid of them, because you WILL eat them as much as you want to pretend like you won’t.

With some self-control and these helpful tips, I think I can make a dent in my intake. Hopefully they help you as well. After all, what we don’t take care of today might cost us more down the road.

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