Inspired By The Start-Up

We understand better than most what it feels like to leave a big salary and a more stable position in favor of creating a company from the ground up that you believe in. Startups are changing the landscape of every industry, and we certainly hope to help you through that change.

Business Insider managed to highlight some huge survival revelations that we share.

-Learn from every failure and venture: With anything that goes irreversibly sour, you’ve learned a hugely valuable lesson in how to avoid that same event in the future. Welcome to the greatest learning tool in the startup world!

-Embrace change: Take a look at your model and reconsider. Disrupt sports equipment, led by Gary Elphick, only created original artwork for their surfboards until, after being consistently contacted for replica art, they began to commission outside artists to get the job done. This is innovation that has made them millions.

-Know a good thing when you see it: Where you see potential for growth, take advantage of it. When Elphick was presented with the opportunity to expand to all sporting equipment with heavy risk but potential for profit, he took his previous experience with wholesale retail and pushed immediately toward producing a wider variety of equipment.

Harness your experiences and failures and work toward constant evolution and innovation. This is how we as startups survive and thrive.

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