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The health insurance industry for small groups is huge, and it’s hard to say what will be best for your company. I’d like to say, from a biased but expert perspective, we’re it.

The following set of qualifying questions came from the fastest-growing health insurance platform in the US, but we have to say, it’s still one of the most tedious and outdated processes around, even with a backing in technology.

We answered the competition’s qualification questions with some of our own observations on our offerings, and we thought you all should be aware of how easy it really is:

-Do you meet carrier participation requirements?

With Navinsure, there is no such thing. You are not required to meet the absurd standards of health carriers’ group participation rules.

-Do you have a copy of your most recent Quarterly Wage and Tax Statement?

Once again, this is not required with Navinsure. The employer does not have to worry about absurd compliance rules with underwriting in the broken group insurance model.

-Do you have a payroll report that shows at least six weeks of payroll history? 

When empowering employers to give employees a defined monthly contribution, there should not be a payroll history needed. We allow you to pay your employees in the way that works best for you.

-Do you have an official copy of your Articles of Incorporation/Organization?

Incorporate your company according to ancient Tibetan laws of karma, if that’s what works for you. No documentation needed to work with Navinsure.

-Do you have a documented listing of your company’s officers?

There is no reason for any of this. This is extra time and effort that you don’t need to waste.

-Do you have an active Worker’s Compensation Insurance policy (prior to your desired coverage effective date)?

Like everything else these small group insurance providers are having you deal with, this is NOT NEEDED!

Stop wasting your time with small group plans that cost you time and money. With our model, you save money on every employee’s plan, they get the best plans for their needs, from any carrier they want, and best of all: zero paperwork from the already time-crunched employer.

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