100+ Employees - "Shangri-La" Reference-based Pricing

When was the last time a company of  your size was able to do it’s own quick study without engaging your broker, consultant or an insurance carrier, and providing gobs of information? Probably never if you expect validation in real time, right? Well that’s what we’ve built for you at Navinsure, a simple tool to show you how much money you’re leaving on the table with the current, broken, way we as employers buy health insurance plans.

The process is simple, fill out our form, we’ll validate your business with public information and will provide you a one page summary on how much you could save abandoning BUCA – Blue Cross, United, Cigna, and Aetna. Unfortunately these national carriers have done little to decrease premiums, nor have large hospital systems lowered their prices.

This is our mission at Navinsure, to lead a revolution of employers looking for a price “jubilee” of sorts – hit the reset button, cut your spend in half, and then chart healthcare expenses in a model governed by transparency, information, and choices.

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