Reference-Based/Cost-Plus Solutions

What is cost-plus healthcare? Cost-plus healthcare is a pricing model where your insurance company pays a provider based on what medicare would pay out, plus a negotiated rate on top of that. As many people know, transparency is a big problem when it comes to healthcare in America. Often times, the insured is unaware of what their treatment costs and how much their insurer paid out for that procedure. The Medicare rate has become the benchmark to be able to negotiate a fair rate, being that the Federal Government is the largest purchaser of healthcare in this nation. While it’s not perfect, Medicare is the closest thing we have to a fixed-rate in the healthcare industry. So, why wouldn’t we use this as the benchmark to navigate the cost of treatments?

Cost-plus healthcare, also commonly referred to as referenced-based pricing creates transparency, and does not favor one party over the other. It reduces fraudulent, or inflated charges which creates trust and makes health care much more affordable. 

When was the last time a company of your size was able to do its own quick study without providing lots of information? Probably never if you expect validation in real time. At Navinsure, we built a simple tool to show you how much money you would have saved last year, compared to what you really did spend.

The process is simple, fill out our form, we’ll validate your business with public information and then provide a one-page, simple summary.

Our mission at Navinsure is simple – lead employers to solutions they would not have found on their own, or from their current advisor.

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