Reduce Healthcare Expenses

Health insurance is expense. The cause is simple – the cost of medical services are hyper-inflated. Our model fixes the problem:

  1. We focus on revolutionary insurance & benefit programs that most employers are not being taught by their “traditional” insurance advisors
  2. Stability & Predictability – insurance carriers never share your claims data with you – that’s on purpose. Our model is transparent, you get data.
  3. Network access – the thing most traditional insurance companies gloat about is their network discounts – it is a myth and has allowed hospitals and providers to drive the cost of care up.
  4. Price of a claim – We use what is called reference-based pricing for most programs. It uses Medicare allowable charges to govern negotiations with providers and hospitals.
  5. Direct Primary Care – no more insurance middleman – more flexible times, telemedicine, “house calls” – the way doctors used to be.

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