We Fix the Health Insurance Cost Problem
2-25 Employees - try our VEBA Captive and Get Aetna's Largest PPO for 25% less
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100+ Employees - "Shangri-La" Reference-based Pricing

Navinsure is an employee benefits consultancy based in Charlotte, NC, dedicated to driving down healthcare costs for employers. The vast number of agents and brokers in North Carolina all sell the same products, what we call BUCA – Blue Cross, United, Cigna & Aetna.

The BUCA system of managing insurance networks with hospitals and providers has failed over the last 25 years in reducing costs – this is a fact. Just look at the premium you’re paying now if you either buy your own insurance, or get it through your employer. Premiums have skyrocketed and your out-of-pocket fees via deductible, coinsurance, and copays have gone through the roof at the same time.

Navinsure is an expert at fixing this problem, and our solution is actually quite simple, though it requires a mind-shift. That shift is to consumerism. The U.S. health insurance marketplace has not taught us to be true healthcare consumers. With the Navinsure system, we give you the tools to see costs before you have services, or while you’re in the process of discovery.

No more networks, no more elusive and confusing bills from providers and hospitals. We take care of all of the negotiations behind the scenes, you just go out and get the care you deserve at a price that is fair. And the best part is the legal liability for payments through our services is taken on by our partners, not you or your employer. So we’ve created a win-win-win – win for the U.S. worker, win for the U.S. employer, and a win for fixing the broken U.S. Healthcare System.