A Midsummer Night’s Rosacea Flare-Up

Summer means sun and heat, and that can quickly turn any dormant skin condition into a flare-up. This is including, but certainly not limited to, the dreaded rosacea. There’s not a sure cure for it, but there are many ways that the summer weather can make it ten times worse. Keep these in mind to keep the redness and blemishes at bay:

-The Midday Sun: Most direct sunlight irritates rosacea-prone skin, but at midday, this sunlight is considered to be the most direct. Avoid it, or wear gentle sunscreen and protection (big floppy hats anyone?)

-Subtropical Conditions: Where it is hot and humid, skin is most likely to react poorly and flare up. Try to avoid these conditions as much as possible and stay cool. It’s an unfortunate but necessary precaution.

-Strenuous Exercise: Going for a summer run seems ideal, but if you are suffering from rosacea, the best way to tame the exertion trigger is usually to split up exercise time. Rather than an hour of running, total that using 15-minute increments of activity.

-Scrubbing Off the Grime: We all hate being sticky and sweaty when it’s so warm outside, but keep in mind what happens when you scrub it all away. Irritation and redness comes for most of us, but with rosacea, these effects can be worse. Avoid the use of any product that burns, stings, or tingles, sticking with nonabrasive washes and lukewarm water.

Keep yourself (and your loved ones) free from annoying flare-ups. Stay cool out there!

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