Startup Friday: VloggedIn is Changing Resumes

VloggedIn is a Charlotte, NC startup that is changing the landscape of resume building. We loved reading about it from a chance search this week.

Think about your resume in a pile on your potential employer’s application resource. He opens ten cover letters before he gets to yours, all of them touting the applicant’s vast skills and personality traits that make them the most special of snowflakes. By snowflake number 11, your guess should be that they all start looking the same.

VloggedIn takes that cover letter, and the potential to differentiate you from everyone else, and transforms it into a valuable multimedia tool.

By simply sharing a link to your VloggedIn id on your resume, the employer can easily connect to and view your introduction video. Talk about your skills, your personality, and your goals while putting a face to the name, a leap ahead of other applicants’ words on paper.

Here’s the website.

Every Friday at Navinsure, we’ll spotlight some local startups that are changing their industry’s landscape.

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