Where Zenefits Got it Wrong, Navinsure Gets It Right

With benefits technology like Zenefits and Namely booming in the employee benefits market, there is bound to be many other options to follow. With that comes a lot of tech-savvy, venture-backed products that look sleek, but are clearly lacking in insurance expertise and knowledge that is required every step of the way for any benefits consumer. Case in point, the Zenefits controversy in which countless advisors were not actually required to complete training to be licensed brokers.

We hear from new clients regularly that such companies have a great look and feel, but end up creating more trouble when it comes down to the benefits, from poor plan quality to compliance issues and administrative burden.

Most of these companies have a flat Per Employee Per Month rate, give you pretty software, and disappear when you have questions and concerns regarding your company’s plan. We like to do things a little differently.

With the commissions that every broker receives by law from health insurance carriers for each group enrolled, we have ample resources to provide our clients with excellent technology and peace of mind. We don’t tack on any extra fees for products that should be free. It’s the same sleek technology, but what you get in addition to the ease and convenience is a fully licensed team with a solid track record of personal, reliable service for clients. Zenefits can’t provide that track record, and we hear the same thing from their former clients: unreliable and unavailable when the hard questions and tasks requiring a licensed broker come up. That’s scary.

Having brokers with the expertise of Navinsure’s team is crucial when it comes to your plan options as well. When you have that track record and experience, you end up with access to new resources that cut down costs for employers, such as Captive plans, self-funding, and PEO models that most brokers don’t work with. They’re simple ways to get the right benefits for the right price, and we love having new and exciting options to show our clients to improve their benefits experience.

That’s the difference. Real, licensed brokers, walking our clients through the benefits process throughout the year, and excited to give them the best resources to make their lives simpler.

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