Eliminate the confusion

The problem with group insurance is you as the employer need to turn in to the expert. Not so with the Navinsure model. Quickly allow staff to book appointments directly with our team to understand individual needs and costs. Just like employees having different risk tolerances with investments, they also have the same differences with health insurance needs. Leave the expertise to us.

Create an appointment with Navinsure experts
Shop health insurance plans on Navinsure's exchange

Shop on your own

Shopping is quite easy. Based on where staff are, they will see all of the private options in their respective geography. They may select based on metallic level (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze), deductible level, premium, or by carrier.

Compare Plans

Once your staff have selected plans that might make sense, they can be saved for later to “sleep on”, or review with a spouse or significant other. We always archive plan selections so staff can see things that resonated for different reasons along the buying continuum.


Compare plans on Navinsure's health insurance exchange
Enroll in a health insurance plan

Enroll yourself & easy onboarding

Staff can enter their own data for themselves and dependents saving you as an employer time and money. In addition, when adding or terminating employees you have one simple click and can leave the rest to the team at Navinsure.